Drop Off and pick up information

We appreciate everyone’s support with the following procedures:

  • Always drive very slowly.
  • Drop off begins as early as 7:45 AM and afternoon pick up is staggered between 2:45 and 3:00 PM.
  • Students are to be picked up and dropped off at either one of the person gates that lead to the playground or WOCAP classrooms.
  • Drivers must only enter Wildflower through the Cohasset entrance between Cathy’s and Sherwin Williams, and proceed past the Wildflower office.
  • Traffic will flow one-way through the exit point between Wildflower’s field and Little Red Hen Children’s Park and Garden.
  • After exiting the gate, turn left onto the gravel behind Spiteri's. Follow the gravel around the building then exit either onto Cohasset Road or East Avenue. You may exit onto Cohasset between Bridgestone and Reibe’s Auto Parts or use the East Avenue exit point.
  • The gate will only be opened at peak times during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the drop off line next to the traffic cones.

Please note: It is not permissible to exit left onto Cohasset Rd. during peak drop off and pick up times. Please remember to be respectful to all our neighbors and their property. This traffic plan and your assistance with the procedures will expedite arrivals and departures and clear the congestions around Wildflower. Making the new traffic plan and procedures work is imperative to establishing an orderly and safe arrival and departure for Wildflower students and families.