WOCAP River Trip

As a culminating event to the WOCAP thematic cycle of Exploration, students hopped aboard river rafts on the Sacramento River yesterday led by experienced volunteer guides, including our very own Tom Hicks.  For the past 6 weeks they've studied worldwide exploration (past, present and future), exploration into ecosystems and exploration of their own paradigms, principles, priorities and habits.  During their journey down the Sacramento River, these studies will continue along with the opportunity to learn from the guides and chaperones along the way.  Their last evening will be spend on "Wildflower Island" in the middle of the Sacramento River where they will search for the WOCAP time capsule to find notes left for them 2 years ago.  A HUGE thank you to our volunteer guides: Jonas Herzog, Phil Shumway, Tom Hicks, Zeke Lunder, Dave Steindorf, and Brad Cook.

Melissa Macdonald7th/8th Grade Teacher at Wildflower Open Classroom