Summer Teacher Training

Wildflower teachers are actively learning and keeping their skills sharp, even over the summer! Last week, they collaborated with Susan Hughes, and got hands on with some new teaching strategies. Lots of laughs and learning!

Kali & Debbie

    Parking Lot Shade

Majestic Sycamore Tree

            Tall and Strong

Holey fluttering leaves poking the sky

     Reaching branches covered

         a cracky contoured Map

     Knotty teardrops dripping

        onto elephant toes.

    Echoing killdeer songs.

            By Debbie & Kali

Becky & Morgan


                               tall and strong

                    reaching, fluttering, poking the sky

                    bark as cracky as a contoured map

                                  holey leaves


                                                            by Becky & Morgan

Linda, Cassandra, Debbie & Victoria

Who Am I

I reach to poke the sky

My elephant toes

      touch the earth

My backbone keeps

     me tall and strong

My cracky skin 

     a contour map

My knotty wound shed tears

My fluttering fingers 

       wave goodbye

       by Cassandra, Victoria & Linda