CCC (Classroom Co-op Coordinator) Responsibilities:

  • Open and ongoing communication with the teacher and fellow classroom coordinator
  • Filter pertinent information from the classroom teacher to parents-inclusive of but not limited to classroom assignments, field trips, special events, reminders for snack weeks or support of classroom pet, etc.
  • Filter event information from the Wildflower Community Council (WCC) Chairperson as needed; also, information sent to CCC’s from the Board of Director’s (BOD), or WOC Administration.
  • Attend Wildflower Community Council meetings as often as possible and participate in the retreats led by BOD, School Staff and Teachers which are integral to enhance the collaboration and growth of the school.
  • Help update volunteer hours for parents to the school
  • Help promote classroom involvement with the parents/families-goal is 75 hours per family
  • Help promote/volunteer for school fundraisers
  • Update calendar of events near the office for the classroom
  • Familiarize yourself with the philosophies of Wildflower Open Classroom that is found on the school website (copy provided in this manual)
  • Familiarize yourself with the pillars (copy provided in this manual)