Wildflower Open Classroom Fact Sheet

We are an innovative school that invites children, teachers, and parents to collaborate as a community, inspiring and celebrating the adventure of learning. Integrated Thematic Learning

The typical day in a classroom reflects an integrated thematic and project-based approach to a variety of subjects, woven and presented in a hands-on, self-paced context.

Multi-age Classrooms

  • Provide students with leadership roles/opportunities
  • More time for student-teacher relationships to develop
  • Give struggling students more time to process new curriculum
  • Give high performing students opportunities to challenge themselves in areas of interest
  • Strive for small class sizes (22:1) in classroom communities

Community Effort

  • Teachers, parents, students, and the Chico community all play a role in the education of the students.
  • Teacher facilitated learning, along with parent involvement.

What does a Wildflower Open Classroom look like?

  • Sustainability Projects, both on and off campus
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum and materials
  • On-going projects
  • Large gathering areas in rooms
  • Cooperative small groups
  • Classrooms will have separate space (i.e., a loft), which will allow students to work alone or with smaller groups in a more intimate workspace.
  • The classrooms are very kid friendly; comfortable sofas, overstuffed chairs, etc.
  • Stimulating learning centers, manipulative math activities, balanced literacy programs, with reading and writing workshops, integrated visual and performing arts experiences, and shared inquiry methods will facilitate the “learn by doing” instructional focus.
  • Kids have mobility to move around the classroom
  • Broader social peer groups
  • Kids working and learning beyond the walls of the classroom
  • Small Class/ Small School.
  • WOC intends to have a 22:1 ratio for K-4th grade, and intends to cap the school's enrollment and approximately 200 students
  • Emphasis on the arts, environment, and global education
  • Many parent and community supported field trips
  • Service learning projects